We buy proven companies, with $750K-$2M in EBITDA, from owners looking to exit.

We look for a company with passionate and stable employees. This team is committed to supporting each other, while delivering high-quality products and services to their loyal customers. The company’s products and services generate recurring revenue. To deliver these products and services, the company has long-term supplier relationships in place.
As operators ourselves, we value yours and our time above all. Therefore, we commit to an efficient and transparent deal process with you. In recognition of your hardwork and legacy, we target paying 3-5x Adjusted Cash Flow. Depending on the profile of your company, we may pay more, or may pay less. Let's get started.

Our Vision


Our operating assumption is that you have stable, loyal employees who want to continue their important work at the company. We will prioritize ensuring their success  by investing in them and the business to create opportunities for their continued success and development.


We work with established businesses that have been around for a long time, with loyal customers and suppliers. We expect to own and operate these businesses for the long-term, removing the need for unrealistic growth targets and the associated chaos that can come with them.

About Us

Over the past 20 years, our principle has successfully led companies through the entire business lifecycle. This includes starting, acquiring, operating, and selling businesses with beneficial outcomes for investors and employees. Most recently, he led a turnaround effort resulting in an exit to the largest technology company in the world.

When opportunities presented themselves, he navigated  these companies through capital raises with growth equity and venture capital firms, and managed a turnaround to create opportunities through renewed focus and execution.

Through this experience, we've learned how hard it is to generate cash-flow positive businesses over the long-term, and how rewarding it is to experience a successful exit. We look forward to working with you to provide an exit for you and your family, while remaining committed to  growing the legacy you have worked so hard to create.