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We buy proven companies, with $750K-$2M in EBITDA, from owners looking to exit.

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Our Approach

At some point in every owner's journey, there comes a time to consider an exit from the business. Everyone's motivations are different, and every deal is unique. We offer a frictionless process for exiting your business, while ensuring the company's continued growth and success for the benefit of the team and customers.

We value time.

No matter how successful we all are, time is the one thing we can't buy more of. We commit to an efficient process to quickly determine if we are in the ballpark before starting more thorough diligence.

We value people.

Our operating assumption is that your team will remain and continue to deliver. Our first goal is not to get in the way of that success, so we commit to working with the existing team and growing from there.

We value honesty.

We assume your company isn't perfectly buttoned-up, and has its own set of unique situations and issues. We commit to working with you transparently and honestly to ensure the company's continued success and growth.

Let's partner

We prefer to work directly with you, the owner, to determine the best path forward for your successful exit, and the continued success of the business. Let's get started!

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